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The platform
for reliable,
audio streaming
over the Internet

HUNDREDS OF STATIONS and millions of listeners are already benefiting from the HIGHLY ROBUST STREAMING and INTERACTIVE FUNCTIONS of nacamar. When will you make the LEAP FROM RADIO TO AUDIO?

The features

The reach.
Included as standard.

  • We distribute your content via audio aggregators such as or, but also to end devices such as radios, sound systems, smart speakers, etc. – resulting in no extra work for you.
  • Active third-party management: We know the locations in which your station needs to appear – and the people behind them.
  • The data to be transmitted is automatically adapted to a wide range of requirements, enabling you to “find an audience” everywhere.

The reporting.
See your audio.

  • Usage statistics in real time.
  • Comprehensive reports including CCL (concurrent listeners) report, sessions report, distributors analysis, ISP analysis, aggregators analysis and much more.
  • Reports are automatically sent via email.
  • API access to all relevant key figures – e.g., for your own dashboard.

The proof of usage.
Compliant with AGMA.
But with nacamar speed.

  • To submit reports to AGMA, all we need from you is your AGMA ID – just once. We will take care of everything else, such as logging and transmission.
  • You will then receive comprehensive, automated usage reports the very next day – and not from AGMA months later.
  • Industry-standard logging (Icecast) – but customized formats are also available.

The marketing.
Can you hear your income already?

  • Modern in-stream audio advertising formats (pre, mid and post-roll).
  • Out-stream advertising formats (advertising media displayed in radio player) for additional monetization.
  • Own ad server and DSP – but external solutions can also be used without any issues (e.g., Adswizz or RMS).
  • Campaigns for promoting your own (player) website or app – can be adapted in a targeted manner.

The time shift.
The future of audio today.

  • Jump back in the program whenever you wish – whether just 15 seconds when you didn’t quite understand something, or to the beginning of the current song, the program, the program before it…
  • Offer your listeners interactive radio – without having to make any appreciable changes to your program structure or technology.

The service.

We don’t hide away the people who build and operate the platform. You are given every extension and can always speak directly to the responsible members of staff – around the clock. Fortunately, that isn’t actually necessary. One of our customers once told us: “I love you because we never speak to each other.”

  • Genuine 24/7/365 support – yet no call center.
  • First, second and third-level support from a single source – with us, you will always speak to specialist staff.
  • Seasoned team with many years of collaboration.
  • The statuses of your requests are documented in our online ticket system and can be viewed at any time.


The Quality.

Our goal is for you to be heard without interruption. We achieved this goal – 100% availability – in 2019. And in the following year, too, despite enormous, pandemic-related load peaks. To achieve this, we have come up with a number of technological solutions...

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